Technical and Design Support Services

ArtiCAD’s technical and design support services are available to all users with a current Annual Support Plan.  They are offered in many different ways, allowing you to choose whichever is most convenient for you – and whichever will ensure the least possible delay to your ArtiCAD-based design work. Click on the tabs below

ArtiCAD’s telephone helpdesk uses a state of the art support ticket queuing system to ensure a first-come-first-served service to all our users.   Helpdesk tickets are automatically generated by the system and our technicians call back ready to resolve each query, rather than requiring you to hold on until they are able to take your call.

This organised process not only helps us to deliver a first class support service but also allows us to better understand and document resolutions to user queries that can immediately be shared with our international support teams and our clients worldwide. 

This long-established service enables one of our support technicians to remotely take-over your PC via a secure internet connection, to directly view the difficulty you have encountered and then demonstrate the steps which need to be taken to resolve it.  If your query cannot be resolved immediately, it will be documented, escalated and acted upon swiftly - using ArtiCAD's established processes. Even complex technical issues can often be solved in a matter of seconds using our Online Support service.

Queries can be emailed directly to our dedicated support team for an informed and speedy response. This method is particularly useful for queries that arise outside of ArtiCAD's telephone helpdesk opening hours, or for the rare occasion when a resolution is not evident within ArtiCAD's extensive support materials repository. You can provide full details relating to your query and nominate your preferred response method - an email reply, telephone call or online support session - and let us know when you will be available to receive assistance.
From within the website Members Area, ArtiCAD's clients can update their account details, access training materials & FAQ guidance and download the latest versions of our software and additional graphics as well as view the latest news and offers exclusively for users.

Included in ArtiCAD's Annual Support Plan, this popular service is designed to help our users with specific design challenges - as they arise - and spans a large number of different scenarios. It might, for example, involve providing one-to-one advice on improving a design, how to create an object from scratch or how to improve the appearance of an existing object.

If your organisation employs multiple designers, you may prefer to nominate one of your team to become an internal ArtiCAD 'Super User'. This individual will:

  • Provide 1st line ArtiCAD support to your design and surveying teams
  • Capture and resolve design, technical and software activation queries
  •  Provide ArtiCAD system training to your team
  • Communicate changes to your graphics and pricing libraries to ArtiCAD
  • Communicate software customisation requirements to ArtiCAD
  • Test new software releases

Your Super User will achieve ongoing Super User or Trainer level  ArtiCAD training and will benefit from fully account-managed open access to ArtiCAD's technical and client care heads and their teams.