Immersive experiences for a lasting impression

Augmented Reality (AR) pushes the boundaries of design showcasing. Our AR technologies integrate seamlessly with our design and pricing software and can also be integrated with your choice of process tech. If you need an exclusive, custom-built AR application - look no further

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  • Full integration with ArtiCAD technologies
  • Generate AR presentations in minutes
  • Cloud based for multi-device access
  • Use with or without a headset
  • Option for Microsoft HoloLens™ presentation
  • Exclusive custom-built technology


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Simple and easy to use

ARViewer is a custom Augmented Reality technology – created to present your specific products.

Immersive headset experiences

Let your customers experience your designs using a Miscrosoft HoloLens™ headset, with the option for interactive features.

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Use AR alongside our design software


We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. To give your clients the best experience, you need a range of tools that work together seamlessly. That’s why we’ve made sure our AR apps can be bolted onto your existing ArtiCAD suite with ease

Turn clicks into customers

Your ideal customer will nearly always start their search for a new kitchen, bedroom or bathroom online. RoomPlanner, RoomStyler and RoomViewer not only make their journey more engaging, but also allow you to capture detailed information, identify their needs and help close the deal.

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"Customer feedback is that they are finding it an inspirational and brilliant experience.  From a company point of view, conversion rates have improved considerably and, anecdotally, we believe it is shortening the sales cycle as it is making it easier for customers to reach a decision – and one in which they have absolute confidence."

"The quality of the graphics in the ArtiCAD software is superb, and I am sure this will prove to be very popular with independent retailers and builders’ merchants."

"ArtiCAD-Pro is very easy to pick up and use, the quality of the images and the speed of rendering is even better.  If I designed a kitchen in my previous software, it would take about five hours. Using ArtiCAD-Pro, the same kitchen takes ten minutes. It certainly helps us to sell."

"ArtiVR definitely helps people to see how a design will look in real life, giving them the confidence to go ahead.  Once lockdown comes to an end, I will also extend this service to the next level by using ArtiVR with the Oculus Quest headset for an even more immersive and compelling experience."

"For Hutton Kitchens, KBBSmart is a powerful, flexible complete project management tool providing the ability to control everything in the business."

"I am delighted to be working with ArtiCAD.  It is very important for customers to be able to see how their chosen cooker will look in their kitchen.  The introduction of the ArtiCAD designs will add another dimension to the in-store and design process, creating added value for both retailers and customers alike."

"By having our products in ArtiCAD-Pro, we will reach a far wider audience and create a strong brand awareness for the Airforce range, encouraging designers to use our products within their designs.  Much of our business to date has been retail but we believe that working with ArtiCAD will help us to complement this with a strong trade-based sales drive."

"As a specialist hood manufacturer, Elica has the largest and most varied range of cooker hoods. We are keen to ensure that all our products are easily available within ArtiCAD for designers and enabling them to express their full creativity in any new kitchen design."

"Our design software is incredibly easy and quick to master, so students really enjoy using it and achieve excellent results – very quickly."

"ArtiCAD-Pro is an essential part of all our work. It enables us to showcase our design capabilities, producing the highest quality renders, which really sell the designs to our customers."