Immersive experiences for a lasting impression

Augmented Reality (AR) pushes the boundaries of design showcasing. Our AR technologies integrate seamlessly with our design and pricing software and can also be integrated with your choice of process tech. If you need an exclusive, custom-built AR application - look no further

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  • Full integration with ArtiCAD technologies
  • Generate AR presentations in minutes
  • Cloud based for multi-device access
  • Use with or without a headset
  • Option for Microsoft HoloLens™ presentation
  • Exclusive custom-built technology


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Simple and easy to use

ARViewer is a custom Augmented Reality technology – created to present your specific products.

Immersive headset experiences

Let your customers experience your designs using a Miscrosoft HoloLens™ headset, with the option for interactive features.

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Use AR alongside our design software


We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. To give your clients the best experience, you need a range of tools that work together seamlessly. That’s why we’ve made sure our AR apps can be bolted onto your existing ArtiCAD suite with ease

Turn clicks into customers

Your ideal customer will nearly always start their search for a new kitchen, bedroom or bathroom online. RoomPlanner, RoomStyler and RoomViewer not only make their journey more engaging, but also allow you to capture detailed information, identify their needs and help close the deal.

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"Customers are more engaged and more involved with the designs because of the power of the 3D visualisation and walk throughs.  It is easier and faster for them to make a decision, and for us to make an increased number of sales."

"The new method of rendering in the latest version of the ArtiCAD software means that the representation of our products is even more accurate and exciting."

"Clients are blown away by the ArtiVR visuals, which we use to complement the renders that we produce using ArtiCAD-Pro, and in which we take a great deal of pride.  I believe that we really use the ArtiCAD software to its fullest extent to create the greatest impact with our customers."

"ArtiCAD is clearly a company that could provide great support for our customers, combined with a product that was extremely simple to use."

"The software has been so well put together. It is obvious to me that it has been designed by KBB designers with practical experience of the industry. It’s very impressive."

"By giving our customers access to Room Styler, they are able to play around with different colour options to help their decision making process before even contacting one of our retailers."

"Consumer expectations have changed over the past years and they expect to see an image of exactly how their bathroom will look; we need to support our retailers by making this easier to achieve.  A new bathroom is a high-value spend, and a powerful and realistic image of the new room will give customers the confidence to place their order with our retailers."

"It is very important for us to make sure that CAD models of our products are quickly and easily available for our clients to use on a daily basis.  We want to offer tools that make our clients’ professional lives easier and allow them to concentrate on the most profitable aspects of their business.  For Caesarstone, including our products within ArtiCAD-Pro is a big and important step."

"The main appeal of the online version was that location became completely irrelevant. .  Not only is accessing the designs extremely fast and reliable with ArtiCAD online, but it also ensures that time spent travelling can be used productively."

"We wanted to ensure that designers can access high-quality, accurate graphics of our products and create inspirational, photorealistic designs for their customers."