Let your customers get creative

Sometimes clients know what they want, but find it hard to put into words. RoomStyler is an interactive online tool that allows them to customise the colour and finish of every part of a design, from door handles to floor coverings. This information is then shared with you to help you hit the right notes and close the sale

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  • No download or installation required
  • Can be deployed on your website with your branding
  • Easy to use
  • Styles can be created within minutes
  • All details are captured and delivered to your inbox
  • Full updates and ongoing support
  • Available for a monthly subscription


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Your website, your way

RoomStyler can be implemented with your own branding, and the way you choose to capture lead data is entirely up to you. Place a form before or after the tool is used, and ask all the right questions.

Dedicated lead management

If required, RoomStyler comes equipped with a dedicated lead management system which will not only record all customer input, but alert you when a new information arrives.

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Shape your online customer journey


Your ideal customer may start their journey online. Customer engagement tools like RoomPlanner and RoomStyler help to make that journey an interesting and engaging one, involving users in the design process before they’ve even committed to a purchase. This level of interactivity and engagement could really set you apart from your competitors

Presentation Apps

RoomStyler makes your website experience the very best it can be for customers. But what happens next? Whether you’re gearing up for an exhibition or giving a face to face quote to a client, our Pan360°, VR and AR apps will leave a brilliant lasting impression. What’s more, they all integrate seamlessly with all ArtiCAD software.

VR Occulus

"My initial reaction to ArtiCAD-Pro has proved to be absolutely right. It is very user friendly and much faster than the other products we have used which in turn makes us more efficient. I have been particularly impressed by the quality of the rendering."

Nathan Hopper from Simply Kitchens

"Choosing KBBConnect is the best thing I have ever done.  It is so much easier to use, catalogues are updated automatically, and it has the flexibility to enable me to build my own catalogues – which as a bespoke manufacturer is very important for me."

"It will make it easier for kitchen designers using the ArtiCAD-Pro software to be aware of the choice of sizes and styles which are available.  We are able to offer retailers a very attractive margin on the products which is backed up by powerful sales support and aftersales service, and again the ArtiCAD-Pro software enables us to broadcast this."

"Awesome value people, ArtiVR is the fastest selling tool in your arsenal. I've been using ArtiCAD for 33 years, and in my opinion it's still the best on the market."

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"I now use the Oculus app on my phone which enables me to see exactly what the customer is viewing as they explore their virtual kitchen, which is extremely helpful. ArtiVR is absolutely great!"

"By becoming a member of the Supplier Partnership Programme and having our products included in the software as a comprehensive graphics catalogue, we can ensure that EGGER Decorative Collection is readily available to our furniture manufacturing customers."

"For Hutton Kitchens, KBBSmart is a powerful, flexible complete project management tool providing the ability to control everything in the business."

"Customer feedback is that they are finding it an inspirational and brilliant experience.  From a company point of view, conversion rates have improved considerably and, anecdotally, we believe it is shortening the sales cycle as it is making it easier for customers to reach a decision – and one in which they have absolute confidence."

"Our graphics catalogue within ArtiCAD-Pro is updated regularly with new products. It really is a very good selling tool for our products and for kitchen retailers and designers who use the software.  "

"ArtiCAD is clearly a company that could provide great support for our customers, combined with a product that was extremely simple to use."