Let your customers get creative

Sometimes clients know what they want, but find it hard to put into words. RoomStyler is an interactive online tool that allows them to customise the colour and finish of every part of a design, from door handles to floor coverings. This information is then shared with you to help you hit the right notes and close the sale

  • No download or installation required
  • Can be deployed on your website with your branding
  • Easy to use
  • Styles can be created within minutes
  • All details are captured and delivered to your inbox
  • Full updates and ongoing support
  • Available for a monthly subscription


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Your website, your way

RoomStyler can be implemented with your own branding, and the way you choose to capture lead data is entirely up to you. Place a form before or after the tool is used, and ask all the right questions.

Dedicated lead management

If required, RoomStyler comes equipped with a dedicated lead management system which will not only record all customer input, but alert you when a new information arrives.

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Shape your online customer journey


Your ideal customer may start their journey online. Customer engagement tools like RoomPlanner and RoomStyler help to make that journey an interesting and engaging one, involving users in the design process before they’ve even committed to a purchase. This level of interactivity and engagement could really set you apart from your competitors

Presentation Apps

RoomStyler makes your website experience the very best it can be for customers. But what happens next? Whether you’re gearing up for an exhibition or giving a face to face quote to a client, our Pan360°, VR and AR apps will leave a brilliant lasting impression. What’s more, they all integrate seamlessly with all ArtiCAD software.

VR Occulus

"I don’t know how we managed with old 2D design software; the functionality that ArtiCAD-Pro provides has transformed the way we deliver our kitchen programme."

"Our customers increasingly ask which systems our products are on as they look to provide their own customers with quality designs and renders. Being included in such a leading CAD system for the KBB marketplace is very important to us."

"We have found it extremely easy to work with ArtiCAD, and all our requests are dealt with really swiftly. If designers cannot access your products from their CAD package, they will just find an alternative supplier.  It’s as simple as that.  That underlines how important the partnership with a company like ArtiCAD is."

"I would have no hesitation recommending Graham Hayden's Sales & Customer Care course to anyone regardless of their experience."

ArtiCAD Academy Sales & Customer Care

"With ArtiVR, I can design a walkthrough for the entire floor, not just a single room.  The client can really see how the space will flow and work for them.  The reaction from clients is very positive and they are excited, as the presentations are so realistic and detailed."

"The inclusion of our products in the ArtiCAD-Pro software extends our reach and ensures that it is very easy for designers to select our products.   They are able to produce very detailed, beautifully rendered visuals of the proposed bathroom."

"The quality of the graphics in the ArtiCAD software is superb, and I am sure this will prove to be very popular with independent retailers and builders’ merchants."

"The quality of the plans provided by prospective customers is good which means that they are finding the system simple and quick to use. This in turn is helping us to design and quote more quickly, and to sell more bathrooms."

Ross Penman from Victor Paris

"It is important that our products are presented with the maximum possible amount of realism, and that the quality of CDA products is accurately represented."

"Designers just press one button, everything they need appears in just one program. It’s simplicity itself."