Let your customers get creative

Sometimes clients know what they want, but find it hard to put into words. RoomStyler is an interactive online tool that allows them to customise the colour and finish of every part of a design, from door handles to floor coverings. This information is then shared with you to help you hit the right notes and close the sale

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  • No download or installation required
  • Can be deployed on your website with your branding
  • Easy to use
  • Styles can be created within minutes
  • All details are captured and delivered to your inbox
  • Full updates and ongoing support
  • Available for a monthly subscription


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Your website, your way

RoomStyler can be implemented with your own branding, and the way you choose to capture lead data is entirely up to you. Place a form before or after the tool is used, and ask all the right questions.

Dedicated lead management

If required, RoomStyler comes equipped with a dedicated lead management system which will not only record all customer input, but alert you when a new information arrives.

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Shape your online customer journey


Your ideal customer may start their journey online. Customer engagement tools like RoomPlanner and RoomStyler help to make that journey an interesting and engaging one, involving users in the design process before they’ve even committed to a purchase. This level of interactivity and engagement could really set you apart from your competitors

Presentation Apps

RoomStyler makes your website experience the very best it can be for customers. But what happens next? Whether you’re gearing up for an exhibition or giving a face to face quote to a client, our Pan360°, VR and AR apps will leave a brilliant lasting impression. What’s more, they all integrate seamlessly with all ArtiCAD software.

VR Occulus

"ArtiCAD-Pro is  a central part of our entire sales process – we’d be lost without it.  From our point of view, it is easy to use, robust and reliable.  Bringing together the strength of the ArtiCAD software with the talent of our designers is an absolutely winning combination – and the results never fail to wow our customers."

"We are finding that our customers are really helped in their decision making by the quality of the images, and that it is so quick and easy to change colours and door styles if they want to see various options."

"We wanted some new bedroom images for a brochure and also for the web site. In the past, we have used a dedicated CGI company, but decided to try the new CGI service from ArtiCAD for their speed of turnaround, the flexibility and pricing. The results, especially given the very limited time ArtiCAD had before the brochure went to print, were good, and we would certainly use the service again"

"We hear from our customers that the public is expecting highly realistic 3D drawings of their proposed rooms all the time.  The quality of the visuals produced by ArtiCAD-Pro is fantastic and really does justice to our products."

"ArtiCAD is our partner of choice for everything to do with CAD, and it is clear that ArtiCAD-Pro is the package that retailers really like to use.   The company’s speed of response and professionalism is excellent, and costs and timing for a project are always spot on – so that we know exactly where we stand."

"KBBSmart is very accurate, detailed and quick.  The support, when we have needed it, which we have received from Smart is good and responsive."

"It is important that we are able to show both the sales team and the customer the detail of the different finishes. ArtiCAD-Pro is used to show the interiors of wardrobes as storage options play an important part in bedroom design."

"The new method of rendering in the latest version of the ArtiCAD software means that the representation of our products is even more accurate and exciting."

"Great course, included lots of detail. I would recommend it to others. ArtiCAD is a great program."

"Great course, well-explained, the program will be a lot quicker to use now thank you We would like to thank ArtiCAD for their constant help and patience;  they give you a real feel of importance and that nothing is too much trouble. It was lovely to see that all departments are working together to give a fantastic product. No one speaks down to you or belittles your lack of computer skills etc. It isn’t a product that is ‘buy and bye’. They are there to help and upgrade and are now a part of our Viking family. Thank you to Grace who sold us the product (no pushy pushy sales ), Paige who has taught us some great stuff  and has amazing patience with our lack of computer skills and advanced level questions and to the whole ArtiCAD team who we look forward to calling with our mad ideas and grand kitchen plans."

Jonathan Taylor from Viking Kitchens and Carpentry