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Blue Kitchen Featuring CDA Kitchen
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Nottinghamshire-based CDA Group is the UK’s fastest-growing manufacturer of appliances in the UK, and the industry leader in wine coolers.

The company has over 220 employees, and a nine-acre site incorporating a dedicated testing laboratory, warehousing, engineering and customer service operations.

In addition to the company’s products being available for ArtiCAD-Pro designers, CDA may also call upon ArtiCAD’s CGI service for ultra-high-resolution images, which can be used for a variety of marketing activities.


Steve Corbett, marketing Manager, CDA group: “It is important that our products are presented with the maximum possible amount of realism, and that the quality of CDA products is accurately represented.”

Grey Kitchen Featuring CDA Kitchen

CDA offers a range of high-performing, award-winning kitchen appliances that will make moments spent in the kitchen remarkable. They have built a range that not only works for how consumers live and use their kitchens, but one that will complement the very best in considered kitchen design.

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Grey Kitchen Created In ArtiCAD-Pro Featuring CDA Appliances

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