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Over three hundred Elica cooker hood graphics are now available for use by designers using their ArtiCAD-Pro software, as part of the ever expanding ArtiCAD Supplier Partnership programme.

Mark Jaffray, Sales Director, Elica:

“Whilst traditional appliances have hoods typically made of stainless steel and clear glass, Elica has an enormous range of different styles for designers to choose from – such as SHINING in Peltrox a machined steel finish or INTERSTELLAR, with more than 1000 glass crystals which refract light making it full of sparkling colour – both of which can create a stunning focal point in a kitchen.”


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“As a specialist hood manufacturer, Elica has the largest and most varied range of cooker hoods. We are keen to ensure that all our products are easily available for designers and enabling them to express their full creativity in any new kitchen design.”

Kitchen Created In ArtiCAD-Pro Featuring Elica Lane Hood

The project undertaken by ArtiCAD to incorporate all the new graphics for Elica “progressed very efficiently, and the quality of the results is excellent.”

Elica is the largest manufacturer of cooker hoods in the world, with factories in Italy, Poland, Mexico and joint ventures in India, China and Japan.

The company’s products are sold both under the Elica brand name as well as to the majority of appliance manufacturers around the world.

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Kitchen Created In ArtiCAD-Pro Featuring Elica Dolce

Render created in ArtiCAD-Pro

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