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Two companies within the Gainsborough Healthcare Group – Gainsborough Specialist Bathrooms and Access walk-in-baths – are working with ArtiCAD.

Gainsborough Specialist Bathrooms have been designing and manufacturing specialist baths for thirty years, which are supplied primarily to care homes and hospitals. A wide range of baths are manufactured to ensure they meet specific needs with features such as easy access, powered seats, bathing platforms, rising and falling bath water levels. More recently, Gainsborough Specialist Bathrooms has expanded its offerings to encompass the entire range of ‘bathing solutions’ including shower rooms and wet rooms.

It was this latter move which encouraged Malcolm Farmiloe, Owner and Founder of Gainsborough Specialist Bathrooms and his fellow directors, to consider working with a CAD company for the first time in the company’s long history.

“The inclusion of our products in the ArtiCAD-Pro software extends our reach and ensures that it is extremely easy for designers to select our products. They in turn are able to produce very detailed, beautifully rendered visuals of the proposed bathroom. We are the only specialist bath manufacturer to be included in the ArtiCAD-Pro software, and I am confident that there will be considerable amount of interest from designers working in this sector.”

Gainsborough Specialist Bathrooms is now using the ArtiCAD-Pro software as a key part of its sales activity. Following an initial visit by the sales person to assess what is required, this is followed up by a technical manager, who then uses the ArtiCAD-Pro software to produce a fully rendered visual of the proposed bathroom solution, combined with accurate and detailed plans. These are presented at a subsequent meeting, where any requested changes can be made to the design.

Gainsborough White Bathroom Style #1 Image

Gainsborough Specialist Bathrooms chose ArtiCAD as their CAD partner based on the company’s reputation in the marketplace. Malcolm Farmiloe: “The quality of the renders means that we are able to present an extremely professional design to our clients. In the care sector, this is particularly important as the decision making process and the various departments through which the design and plans have to be approved, can be lengthy. The ArtiCAD designs are extremely realistic and ensure that whoever is looking at them, can fully appreciate what is being proposed.

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“In addition, we are able to clearly illustrate the subtleties of different colour schemes, coloured grab rails and other features – all of which can be used to make the room more attuned and sympathetic for people with specific needs, such as dementia.”

ArtiCAD-Pro will be rolled out to all the sales and technical managers. In addition, Gainsborough Specialist Bathrooms is looking at the possibility of using the ArtiCAD software to provide integrated pricing with the designs, rather than using a separate system. This would save time and also avoid unnecessary duplication, and the potential for errors.

The second company within the group, Access walk-in-baths, sells the company’s products to showrooms and other outlets, who then provide them to their own customer base. Typically these will be people seeking to make their bathrooms more accessible and enable them to remain in their own homes.

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For the first time, the full range of Access walk-in-baths, numbering some fifteen specialist baths with a range of options, are available as a comprehensive graphics catalogue within the ArtiCAD-Pro software. Designers using the ArtiCAD-Pro software are able to search the catalogue and select which of the products and options most suits the needs of their client, and incorporate these into their work.

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ArtiCAD Gainsborough Supplier Partnership

Gainsborough White Bathroom Close Up Image

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