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PJH is one of the largest providers of bathrooms, appliances, sinks & taps in the UK. The company is also a member of the ArtiCAD Supplier Partnership programme.

Sally Hough, Multi Channel Marketing Manager, PJH. “We are keen to work with a leading CAD company such as ArtiCAD to take advantage of the benefits of joint marketing, and to help make our customers aware of our wide range of products – and the design possibilities offered by them.”

PJH launches new products for its bathrooms twice a year and new products are readily available for designers to select using the ArtiCAD-Pro software.


ArtiCAD PJH bathroom

“Our customers increasingly ask which systems our products are on as they look to provide their own customers with quality designs and renders. Being included in such a leading CAD system for the KBB marketplace is extremely important to us.”

PJH has been established for almost 50 years, working with retail customers (independent retailers and merchants) to provide a range of quality products across bathrooms, appliances, sinks & taps.

“We support our customers through a range of showroom support tools, consumer brochures, brand websites as well as team of field sales managers and internal support staff – as well of course as our inclusion in the ArtiCAD software. In addition, customers can browse and purchase our products through our innovative Partners Portal online ordering site.”

PJH has been impressed not only with the quality of the graphics which illustrate its products, but also with the “great guys” at ArtiCAD.

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ArtiCAD Gloss Graphite Bathroom