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With well-known collections including Cucina Colore, English Revival and Town and Country, Mereway is a leading kitchen manufacturer supplying quality kitchens and bedrooms throughout the UK via a network of carefully selected independent retailers. The company’s range of kitchen cabinets encompasses a vast range of finishes including MFC, foil-wrapped, veneer, solid wood and painted finishes in slab, shaker and curved door styles. Mereway also own Trend Interiors; a range of affordable kitchen cabinets which offer a stylish a mix of traditional painted looks through to contemporary gloss white, coloured kitchens and handle-less designs.

Mark Mills, Managing Director for Mereway Kitchens, is delighted that Mereway have been able to work with ArtiCad over the last 20 years… “Never before have virtual design and planning tools been more important and we are thrilled to embrace new technology developments such as Articad offer. Over the years, the company has worked with various CAD suppliers, but late in 2010 the results of research undertaken with Mereway’s retailers revealed some interesting data.

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“Amongst other findings, the research showed a strong representation for ArtiCAD-Pro as the CAD system favoured by our retailers. As part of our on-going commitment to support our dealers by being as flexible and responsive as possible, we became a member of the ArtiCAD Supplier Partnership.”

All Mereway’s products are now included within the ArtiCAD software. This includes the Futura handle-less collection, the newly launched Cambridge and Q-Line ranges, the more traditional English Revival Shaker portfolio, the stunning Town and Country collection and of course Trend Interiors

Mark Mills “Working with ArtiCAD has gone very well. In addition to the graphics catalogue we also collaborate on a number of joint PR opportunities and marketing activities. By mirroring each other’s activities to our own client bases, we believe that both companies – and both companies’ clients – benefit from this partnership.

“Our products are represented quicker and more accurately through the ArtiCAD-Pro software, making our kitchens easier to cost and easier to plan and design.”

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Mereway was founded in 1986 and continues to be a family owned and run business to this day. Not surprisingly, the company has seen many changes in the KBB industry over the last two decades with the role of technology becoming ever more important.

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“In 2020 we have seen just how important a role technology plays and I believe creating as close to reality in this new virtual world is key. The long-term future for a partnership such as that between Mereway and ArtiCAD is vital to sustain this.

We want our products to be at our kitchen retailers’ fingertips, putting Mereway at an advantage within the market and helping to establish us as the supplier of choice. Working with a CAD supplier, like ArtiCAD, strengthens our proposal to retailers even more.”

With a wide range of products, both traditional and modern, Mereway is able to respond swiftly to trends in the marketplace. Kitchen design develops at a pace and it is more important than ever to represent these changes accurately in a CAD design. The choice of finish and colour is so significant and being able to see them in the design, in-situ as they will look in the finished room is essential. CAD designs really help customers make the right choice.

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As people move away from the single or dual high gloss colour schemes of the last few years, they are opting for more experimental colourings. Different tones of grey, for example, are being mixed with wood grains. ArtiCAD is offering a selection of nice feature panelled doors which can be any colour, with any colour inset.

Customers can – and do – mix and match from seventy different finishes, and also incorporate designs from across the collections. It would be impossible to represent this extensive choice within a showroom display – but with ArtiCAD-Pro, anything is possible. Find out more about Mereway Kitchens & Bedrooms and Trend Interiors

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