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ArtiCAD's thriving partnership initiative was introduced in 2006 to forge closer and more rewarding relationships between leading suppliers and ArtiCAD. Most involve an element of software customisation (such as the Blum Innovation for presenting internal drawer options) and most involve graphics production.

Each partnership is individual and proven to deliver benefits to each stakeholder in the relationship - helping us all individually to satisfy our particular customers:

  • Leading suppliers make it easier for thousands of designers to specify their particular products in their designs 
  • Designers/retailers impress more customers with precise graphics in their designs
  • ArtiCAD satisfies more customers - both designer/retail clients and industry suppliers.

The Partnership Programme is simply a win-win-win! Click on the tabs above for more details


Graphics Creation...
We've been producing supplier-specific graphics libraries for more than 20 years and have refined our production and account management processes to compliment this rapid turnaround service. Our skilled technicians produce complete graphics libraries and individual product models astonishingly quickly and with incredible detail - allowing us in many cases to synchronise graphics releases with suppliers' new product launch dates.


Modelling ...
ArtiCAD's 2D, 3D and animated graphics models can be used for suppliers' marketing asset needs: in CGI for websites, brochures etc..; for pricing catalogues & technical manuals; in e-commerce systems; in rich media content and to power other CAD products.
See how our modelling solutions can help you >


Custom Development ...
As custom software specialists, ArtiCAD regularly produces exceptional technology solutions, commissioned by Supplier Partners, including business process software, branded innovations within our design software itself and customised versions of our online planning & configurator technologies. 


Joint Marketing...
From press releases, newsletters, e-shots, joint promotions, webpages to Open Day and national events - an extensive list of joint marketing activity options enables us to promote partnerships and their benefits to get the most from each individual relationship.


User Licences...
Our supplier partners frequently require ArtiCAD design software licences for their in-house design teams and for those field sales technicians who generate showroom designs.  

Who benefits?

Designers/ArtiCAD Users

ArtiCAD extensive user community benefits from more high quality manufacturers' graphics libraries - most of which are free to download, frequently updated and readily accessible thanks to the Supplier Partnership Programme.

Supplier Partners 

ArtiCAD's Supplier Partners benefit from the exposure of their brands and products to ArtiCAD's broad user community - putting their products at the fingertips of literally thousands of designers (unless deliberately restricted). Supporting mutual customers with the provision of free graphics is also excellent customer service and is proven to help retain customer loyalty.


Our partnerships help us to satisfy more customers by providing them with access to more free of charge supplier graphics, which enhance their design presentations and therefore help them to sell. Our Supplier Partnerships also help us to attract new users. 


If you are a supplier to the trade, please contact our partnership team by submitting the form below or contact your local office