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Our aim is to constantly improve your experience when using ArtiCAD and to make it easier for you to create winning presentations that help you to sell. Your ArtiCAD software is continuously developed and enhanced, with the needs and desires of our thousands of loyal customers at the forefront of every decision. We are delighted to present our latest design software innovation - Version 22

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Top picks of our new CAD features!

Background Rendering

This new feature allows you to continue designing whilst images are rendering in the background. Using a camera list, multiple renders can be queued, prioritised, and paused – giving you complete control of the images that are rendering in the background.

Whether you queue and process your renders while you continue working on the system or if you set them to render overnight, the background rendering feature is sure to revolutionise the speed in which you produce designs and will help optimise productivity.

Background Render image

Tags and Labels

“Island or no island?”, “Grey or navy?”, “Bath or shower?” – presenting different design options instantly has never been easier!

Items within designs can now be tagged. Tagging items lets you layer different design options allowing you to present alternative choices and pricing within just one design. Tag groups can be added, edited and deleted, and all of them save within the plans – meaning that once you have set them for that design, you won’t need to do it again!

You can now add labels and arrows while working in plan mode and position them where desired in the design. Using arrows and lines to outline and highlight certain aspects of the plan, this new feature, integrated with tags, not only benefits the designers using ArtiCAD but also fitters, plumbers, and installers.

Version 22 - Labels

New Members Portal


Our brand new members portal is in the final stages of testing. Access the latest software and catalogue downloads, training & design guidance all from one place. We’ve re-recorded and updated all of our training & design guidance videos to reflect our brand new version. An integration with a brand new help desk means you will now be able to raise your own technical support tickets!

We’ve spent years devising virtual reality apps that help you leave a lasting impression with clients. Invite customers to step into your designs and look around for themselves!

  • Use with or without virtual reality headset
  • Ultra high-quality design walkthroughs
  • Integrates seamlessly with ArtiCAD software
  • Present face-to-face or via a web link
  • Immersive VR experiences to help close the deal
  • Easy to use on any device with internet access
  • Available for a monthly subscription

ArtiQuote Pricing

Our free pricing tool, ArtiQuote, has been further developed and enhanced to make it much faster and easier to price your designs. Even component-based pricing has been given a facelift in terms of functionality and efficiency.

As you know, you can import pricing data via spreadsheets or generate your own pricing catalogues to work in ArtiQuote but this requires you to maintain your own pricing data. We’ve produced a series of videos, available in the members area, to show you how to use ArtiQuote. New videos to incorporate all of the Version 22 enhancements to ArtiQuote will be available in the next few days.

If you don’t have the time or the desire to create and maintain your own pricing data, why not take a closer look at ArtiQuote Plus? This uses live supplier pricing data created and maintained by fellow ArtiCAD Group Company, Smart Systems. If you are already using ArtiQuote Plus, you’ll notice that the system has also been enhanced in Version 22!

For those wishing to add more in-depth reporting, customer relationship management, installation management, scheduling, warehousing and document management to their pricing and ordering software – take a look at KBBConnect from Smart Systems. Again, the integration with ArtiCAD has been further enhanced and there’s a new mobile version of KBBConnect to make the system even more effective for your business.

Learn more about our Pricing and Management software.