VM Colour of the Year

Pantone® colour of the year 2023

The new Pantone® colour of the year is here. Viva Magenta is a crimson red designed to bring a pop of colour to any space.

The new Pantone® colour of the year is here… Introducing Viva Magenta!

Viva Magenta 18-1750 is a shade of crimson red that expresses power & strength, and creates positivity through design. This versatile shade has warm and cool tones, and can standalone or be used in smaller portions to add a pop of colour into anyone’s home.

Feeling bold? Why not create a full-on statement by painting all kitchen cabinets in Viva Magenta – just like Burbidge Kitchen Makers! Want something a little more subtle? Why not introduce this colour into your new space in the form of floral arrangements, artwork, pendant lighting or statement splashbacks – Viva Magenta will catch anyone’s eye, even in small doses.

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Source: pantone.com

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