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ArtiCAD’s Supplier Partnership Programme helps leading industry suppliers secure sales, support customers, streamline processes and optimise profits

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How the Partnership Programme works

Introduced in 2006, ArtiCAD’s thriving Supplier Partnership Programme incorporates a perfect blend of services and technologies – all designed to help you sell and optimise relationships with your customers. Each partnership is unique. Most involve catalogue creation and software customisation – placing your products at the fingertips of thousands of designers using ArtiCAD.

Product modelling & catalogue creation

We produce accurate supplier-specific graphics and pricing catalogues – efficiently and with incredible detail – allowing us to synchronise our catalogue releases with your new product launch dates. Refined production and account management processes complement this rapid-turnaround service. Our expert production team will help you satisfy your customers.

Software to help you sell 

Our design, pricing and management software is a must-have for contract designers and product development teams. Your sales team can generate stunning showroom display presentations featuring your products, in just seconds – with VR walkthroughs to wow your retail customers. Our online planning and visualisation software helps you generate leads for your retail channel can be integrated seamlessly with our design software and e-commerce for an end-to-end sales solution. We even have a secure online portal where you can manage and distribute your pricing data with ease.
If you need custom software to resolve a particular challenge, contact our expert development team.

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CGI & animation services

We also offer a CGI production service where our highly detailed model assets are used to generate ultra-realistic imagery for all your marketing needs. We can even include animation to really bring your products to life and help you present every fine detail.

Find out more about our CGI Services

Joint marketing

From press releases, newsletters, e-shots, joint promotions, web pages to open day and national events – an extensive list of joint marketing activity options enables us to promote partnerships and their benefits to our customer networks and get the most from each individual relationship.

Dunavox Wine Cooler Close Up Created In ArtiCAD-Pro

Custom Development


As custom software specialists, ArtiCAD regularly produces exceptional technology solutions, commissioned by Supplier Partners. These include business process software to resolve complex challenges, branded innovations within our design software itself and customised versions of our online planning and visualisation software

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Kitchen Created In ArtiCAD-Pro Featuring Egger White and Navy Kitchen


ArtiCAD’s extensive user community benefits from high quality manufacturers’ graphics libraries – which are free to download, frequently updated and accessible thanks to the Supplier Partnership Programme.

Mereway Ely Bathroom Created In ArtiCAD-Pro

Supplier Partners

ArtiCAD’s Supplier Partners benefit from the exposure of their brands and products to ArtiCAD’s broad user community – putting their products at the fingertips of thousands of designers (unless deliberately restricted).

System Six Sanctuary Bedroom Created In ArtiCAD-Pro


Our partnerships help us to satisfy customers by providing them with access to more free of charge and ultra-realistic supplier graphics, which enhance their design presentations and help them to sell.

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Automate order taking and generate effortless sales by streaming price lists directly to your customers. Let customers know about new products and prices, deliver accurate information in minutes and receive orders straight from your customers.

  • Update and control price-lists in real-time
  • Promote new products
  • Receive orders directly
  • Reach retail, effortlessly
  • Save time and money


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How we can help your business

We’ve been honing our craft for three decades to help you create stunning designs and showcase them to your clients in original and breathtaking ways

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