CGI Services

A dramatic increase in the demand for ultra-high quality computer generated images (CGI) has led ArtiCAD to assemble a highly skilled creative team to deliver CGI images to our clients worldwide

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CGI Process

Our CGI Service delivers unique images to meet individual customer requirements and provides an extremely fast and cost-effective approach to the production of visually stunning images. The resulting ultra-high quality CGI output can be used commercially for marketing and operational purposes

Our refined process consists of 3 stages

  • Preparation & Planning
  • Development & Production
  • Presentation & Deployment
CGI White kitchen
CGI Blue Kitchen

Preparation & Planning

We consult with the project stakeholders within your organisation to capture the scope of your initial requirements including detailed styling specifications. Following review and consultation, we will provide a detailed proposal including a cost breakdown and time-scales for each project

CGI bathroom

Development & Production

Once a proposal is accepted, the resulting development and product modelling work is scheduled and production can begin. Our creative team will keep you informed of development progress. Draft versions of the project will be assessed for changes before the final CGI renders are processed

CGI lit kitchen

Presentation & Deployment

Working on an agreed time-scale, our team will present the finished project to the stakeholders and once signed off, the CGI is made available for your use. Our creative team will then review the project and set out how you would like us to work with you on future projects

Our Services


We don’t just provide industry-leading design tools, lead capture and presentation software. We also provide a valuable pool of support and services to help our clients make the most of our product range. From easy-to-access catalogues to ongoing training and support – discover more of the services we have to offer

Trade Mouldings using our CGI Service

“In the past, we have used a dedicated CGI company, but decided to try the new CGI service from ArtiCAD for their speed of turnaround, flexibility & pricing. The results, especially given the very limited time ArtiCAD had, were good, we would certainly use the service again”

– National Sales Manager at Trade Mouldings

CGI light & dark kitchen