Input Kitchens Kitchens Created In ArtiCAD-Pro #2

ArtiVR cost recouped with just one kitchen sale

Input Kitchens sell more, and more easily using ArtiVR as it increases customer confidence.

Input Kitchens is a long-established family business, designing and supplying kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms from the company’s showroom near Hull.

Input has been using the ArtiCAD-Pro design software for a number of years, and making good use of the HD rendering capability.  To this has been added ArtiVR, ArtiCAD’s virtual reality software.

Carl Glenton of Input Kitchens:  “We are using ArtiVR for all our designs, as customers really like to see a visualisation of the complete room.  Prior to the lockdown, we were using the Oculus headset to provide customers with an immersive experience of the new room – and also to allow their children the opportunity to play games using it.  But with the temporary closure of the showroom, we simply sent clients a link via email.  This has worked very well, and we delete the link after a period of time, which also helps us retain control over our designs, prior to any commitment on the part of the customer.

“We sell more, and sell more easily using ArtiVR as it increases customer confidence whilst also  demonstrating very clearly our professionalism and commitment to their project. The cost of ArtiVR was recouped with just one kitchen sale.”

Input Kitchens undertakes about four to five kitchens each month and one or two bathrooms.

Carl also finds the HD renders delivered by ArtiCAD-Pro very helpful.  “They are particularly useful for showing the details in a bedroom, where we are often dealing with sloping ceilings and awkward spaces.  The renders also demonstrate to the client the time and thought that we are dedicating to their project.”

Input Kitchens kitchen render 2

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