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KBBSmart is the ‘Brain and Motor’ for The Kitchen Group

The Kitchen Group, headed up by Liam Hopper, is a consolidator of KBB showrooms, often acquiring companies that are struggling and possibly facing administration,  and helping them to grow and achieve their full potential.  The Group now has seven showrooms in amongst other locations, Sevenoaks, Hampstead, Kendal and Nottingham.

When the company opened for business in 2008, it had already selected and installed Smart Systems KBBSmart software.  The system is now installed across all seven showrooms and used by sixteen people.  It is integrated with Oracle (for accounting) and Microsoft Business Intelligence, as well as API feeds.

KBBSmart is providing a wealth of business information to the Kitchen Group.  This includes accurate cost control, consolidation of data feeds from third party systems, profit and cost of goods sold.  The system handles orders, invoicing and money allocation, as well as the potential to drill down into data, as required.

Liam Hopper, who has a long history in the KBB sector:  “I would have gone bust without KBBSmart.  I would not have seven showrooms and a £5 million company.  It was also fundamental in enabling us to grow a £12 million contracts company.  It is the brain and the motor for our company.”

Liam is also full of praise for the service which he receives from Smart Systems.  “It’s 5*, couldn’t be better.”

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