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This page is for ArtiCAD users who supply UForm kitchens. If you don’t use ArtiCAD, and would like to find out more,  please visit our software page 

In order to use the UForm Mock InFrame range correctly, please use the following options:

Version and Build:

Door frame thickness

You must have the correct frame thickness for the units to look correct.

  • Utilities – Tools – Door Frame Type

Uform 1.jpg

  • Select “Modern” frame, click “Frame(Basic)” and change both widths to 0

Uform 2.jpg

Door style

There are pre-made styles for the layouts given in the brochure.

  • Edit the unit. In the example image below it is a Tall Oven Housing.
  • Click “Style…”
  • Change the category top-left to “Uform Mock Inframe”
    Uform 3.jpg

For any UK queries, please contact client care on 01923 888101 or email care@articad.com

For any Ireland queries, please contact Ruth on 051 385743 or email info@articad.ie