How ArtiCAD makes you different

Our design software is uniquely fast and easy to learn – and it goes with you wherever or whenever you work. So, it can be used on your PC in the office or at home, and on your laptop or tablet (MyRoomPlan) when you are visiting a customer on-site. Within minutes, you can generate stunning presentations and detailed, accurate designs and plans – and then produce an on-the-spot quotation. Changes to the design are an absolute  breeze – and can be done in front of the customer – retaining the momentum of the sale and helping your clients to make the right choices.

By speeding up your sales process, ArtiCAD design software adds immediate value to your business.
Training in our workshop environment takes just a day or you can opt for the online approach which can be completed in less than two hours – so there’s no disruption to your everyday business activities.

Working your way
ArtiCAD's design software doesn’t need you to change the way you work. ArtiCAD-Pro & BathCAD’s flexibility ensures that it will work just the way that you want it to. For example, you can opt for a generic design approach, use manufacturer specific graphics or indeed your own. Graphics can also be imported from many other sources, such as Trimble SketchUp  No matter. ArtiCAD-Pro & BathCAD will simply deliver.

Innovations at your fingertips

As well as regular new versions of the core software, packed with enhancements to make it even easier for you to design and sell, ArtiCAD’s development teams are constantly working on innovative new tools to give you even more edge. So why not take a look at MyRoomPlan for online planning and sales lead generation, or MyRoomFinish for interactive room finish presentations – both of which interact, seamlessly, with ArtiCAD-Pro. 
Our Supplier Partnership Programme ensures that we have an ever- expanding range of graphics catalogues from leading manufacturers and suppliers to the KBB industry – all ready for you to simply drop into your design for an even more realistic presentation.
And watch out for the new survey app – coming soon!

Customised for you
ArtiCAD’s fixed cost, rapid turnaround customisation services ensure that even the most challenging or unusual requirements can be delivered – on time and on budget. We're customisation & integration specialists so if you want a solution that's tailored to your particular enterprise or help in streamlining a process in your business - speak to our expert team.

Our products help you sell. Our pricing helps you buy!
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